Welcome to Maragon

At Maragon Early Learning centres we strive for optimal developmental achievement in these vital early years of a child’s life, whilst always ensuring their sense of belonging, being and becoming, as set out in the Early Learning Years Framework is met. The Maragon Early Learning Centre facilities are based on our “Centre of Excellence” principle, which has driven Maragon’s developments since 2000. Our overriding principle of “Centre of Excellence” is underpinned by the following detailed values:

  1. Education is a key driver in the success of a society.
  2. The importance of children.
  3. The significance of parents as the primary caregiver.
  4. The vital role of educators.
  5. The environment contributes significantly to children, staff and parents.

Care is provided to children aged 8 weeks to 5 years of age. We look forward to celebrating the early childhood years of your child with you.

Our Story

Maragon comes from the Greek name/word Margarites, meaning pearl. Maragon was the dream of our late father – Gideon van Niekerk, who believed that the children were the little pearls of Maragon, who would grow into polished pearls full of wisdom within Maragon Early Learning Centres. Maragon Early Learning Centres, have been operating in South Africa for the past 14 years. The Maragon Early Learning Centres have grown to care for more than 700 children across 6 campuses in South Africa. The Maragon “Centre of Excellence” concept is based on extensive international research, with the main focus countries being, Italy, Australia, USA, and the Scandinavian countries. Educational pedagogies of Reggio Emilia, Vygotsky, Gardener, and Montessori (all which are well documented in the Early Years Learning framework) have

been embraced to develop teaching methodologies and curriculum. The work of Anita Rue Olds has been instrumental in the design aspect of our buildings and playgrounds. Maragon South Africa is a group of educational institutions in South Africa, incorporating Early Learning Centres, Primary Schools and High Schools. Maragon South Africa currently encompasses, 6 campuses, 17 schools and over 4000 learners. For further information please refer to the South African website www.maragon.co.za.

Our Locations

Discover our Early Learning Centres near you


Princeton Pre-School

Centre Director: Alison Wade

Princeton Facebook Page.

Princeton Pre-School specialises in a Junior-Kindy program for children aged 2-5 years. The centre only takes 37 children and aims to prepare your child for Kindy whilst always being mindful that childhood should be a precious time filled with purposeful play and fun. Our educators reflect the specialised program with Early Childhood teacher and staff ratios well above the required ratios. Basic Italian lessons take place 2 days a week. This is the centre to enrol your child for a smooth transition to Kindy. Click here for more information on Princeton Pre-School


Maragon - Mirrabooka

Centre Director: Kirsti Bradshaw

Maragon Mirrabooka Facebook Page.

Mirrabooka is a diverse, multi cultural centre, catering for babies from 8 weeks old to children aged 5 years. Mirrabooka has received an EXCEEDING National Quality Standards rating from ACECQA. Only 25% of assessed centres nationwide has achieved this. We provide early learning to children in a purpose-built centre with spacious natural outdoor play areas, under the nurturing care of educators that respect children’s and families individual needs and backgrounds. Maragon – Mirrabooka has a strong emphasis on purposeful play, with a specialised Junior-Kindy and Kindy program for the children aged 3-5 years. Click here for more information on Maragon Early Learning centre – Mirrabooka


Maragon - Yokine

Centre Director: Catherine Donnelly

Maragon Yokine Facebook Page.

Maragon Early Learning Centre Yokine is a small centre providing services for 40 children aged 8 weeks to 5 years. The centre educators are of the highest calibre and provide a nurturing and well prepared program in an immaculate environment. We received and EXCEEDING rating in our program and practices during our assessment by ACECQA. Yokine provides a very strong community involvement, whilst being very well located. You will feel welcome from the moment you pick up the phone to book a tour. Click here for more information on Maragon Early Learning centre – Yokine


Maragon - Balcatta

Centre Director: Jay Barr

Maragon Balcatta Facebook Page.

Maragon Early Learning Centre Balcatta specialises in a Montessori based Junior-Kindy program for children aged 8 weeks to 5 years. The centre has a strong focus on the pedagogies of Montessori whilst the Early Years Learning Framework and Reggio Emilia philosophies are incorporated to ensure adherence to the Early Years Learning Framework. The centre only serves 42 children and aims to prepare your child for Kindy whilst always being mindful that childhood should be a precious time filled with purposeful play and fun.  This is the centre to enrol your child for a smooth transition to Kindy. Click here for more information on Maragon Early Learning centre – Balcatta


Maragon - Wellard

Centre Director: Tammy Dyer

Maragon Wellard Facebook Page.

Maragon Early Learning Centre – Wellard is our flagship centre south of the river and is now open. The centre serves children aged 8 weeks to 5 years and provides state of the art facilities with natural playgrounds for each each group and a science and discovery centre. The centre is adjacent to the Wellard train station allowing for easy access from neighbouring suburbs and for working families. This centre will surpass your expectations in every way. Contact us for more information on how to enrol. Click here for more information on Maragon Early Learning Centre – Wellard


“Thank you so much for everything you have done to make Ben’s first Kindy experience such a positive one. Despite his protestations I know he always has a great time once I leave the room and never worry that I am leaving him in anything but the  best hands” Ben and Theresa

“Thank you so much for all your help and work with Amelia. She always looks forward to going to “Froggy School” and this is because of the teachers” Denise


What is play based learning?

Learning through play helps children develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally and gain the self-confidence they need to engage in new experiences and make sense of their world. There are various forms of play and these include dramatic, fantasy, exploratory, manipulative and physical play.

What curriculum do you follow?

At Maragon we base our learning on the Early Years Learning Framework, whilst incorporating the Reggio Emilia approach, Montessori and Vygotsky throughout our programs. We base our approach on years of research and experience in international best practices and confidently deliver excellent learning to all the children in our care.

Do you prepare my child for Kindy?

In addition to the Early Years Learning Framework, Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Vygotsky, we also refer to the Australian Curriculum for our Junior Kindy and Kindy programs. We aim to provide a Junior Kindy and Kindy program that ensures a smooth transition into the school system, whilst instilling a lifelong love for learning through exploration and investigation.

Does my child have to sleep during nap time?

We do recommend that children under the age of three have a sleep during the day but understand that children are all different. We respect parents and children’s preferences and provide children with opportunities for quiet activities like reading or puzzles, should they not require a nap.

How do I apply for a government rebate?

You need to contact Centrelink and obtain a CRN number for both you and your child in order to qualify for the Government rebates. Centrelink can be contacted on 136 150. You are welcome to contact our Centre Directors should you need assistance.